Transforming Old Beliefs

It’s December 2015, only a few weeks before the start of a new year. Yet there is one thing that seems to rarely change from year to year. You might set goals for yourself to try new things, or you might start a new job, but one thing seems to stay constant; our beliefs. Yes, good ol’ solid ideals can be great, but in today’s day and age old beliefs are becoming, well, old.

As this new year comes we must start acknowledging that in order to move forward, to improve our lives, our sex lives, we need to let go of old beliefs. We all know it can be difficult, but it is something that we must do for our physical, mental, spiritual, AND sexual health.

9.Shakti's AbodeFor starters consider refining your presence. Maybe you’re considering becoming more adventurous in the bedroom, but your old beliefs tell you that that is not what you should do. Reinvent yourself. Refine your presence, and make what you want for yourself clear, because in the end you’re only cheating yourself out of a new amazing experience.

Focus on what you want, and enhance your self-worth and self-deservement. Those old beliefs might have been taught to you to keep you “in place”, but it is time to develop your own beliefs and live a more self-fulfilling life.

By letting go of old beliefs and trying new ones (even if they are just small changes) you open yourself up to enjoy more intimacy and honesty in all your relationships. You can finally believe in something that suits your inner self; your sexual self. Not only are you able to have more honesty with yourself and within your relationships, but that also leads to experiencing new resources to empower yourself, your life and ultimately others!

In the end you don’t have to let go of who you are, you are just making some changes. You are transforming your old beliefs in order to experience your full potential as a free sexually, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy human being!

Unleash your spontaneity and feel the joy of your aliveness as a person who found a way to upgrade their beliefs and experience life like never before!