The Masculine

Every man embodies the Universal Fertilizing Principle, the Masculine procreative power.

causeAwakeningThe Pussy Talks is dedicated to providing education and resources to enhance your sexual well-being as a man.

You have the opportunity to learn, experience and master ways of approaching sex that can dramatically enhance the quality of your life and every day experiences.

As you travel through life and become more conscious — more aware as a human being — the role of sex energy, your life-force energy becomes increasingly important. As you evolve as a man, you may begin to realize that there must be more to sex than your current experience.

Many cultures all over the world, throughout history recognize that sex energy is your essence. How can you connect more deeply to yourself and to your partner? And how do you harness that infinite source of energy within you to make the world a better place? How do you become a more mature man and give your greatest gifts to the world?

The simple answer is by relaxing into sex and accepting the nature of sex as your driving force in life.

Men are the manifestation of the eternal and divine on earth. You are the perfect archetype of the Divine Design present in all things.

A man’s sexual energy always has the potential to merge with the Feminine, with Nature, assuring the continuity of life. Divinity, the power to create becomes visible to humanity in this union.


How and what you choose to seed matters.

Seed the stream of livingness with your dignity, respect, honor, honesty, creativity, integrity, care and maturity. Be the One who provides empowerment for the Feminine and the Oneness of humanity.

The Masculine is the evolutionary spark of Sex, elemental and primordial. Brother, son, father, uncle, cousin, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather and so on since always.


Cause awakening

idapingalaBy being the cause of your awakening you cause the awakening of humanity.

As the free, wild, unsocialized quality of the God who inspires our deepest desire what are you creating now for all?

You have the power to embody and inspire boundless love, peace and freedom for all when you embody your greatest gifts as a Man.

What do you need to refine and enhance now? What do you need to experience to learn and grow as a Man?

Your spark, fire and passion are vital to evolution. You kindle with your awareness and focus. Your focus and commitment to Life is power. Commitment is the Masculine.

This is the Masculine expression of the Divine Design embodying Oneness.

A man is the raw power intrinsic to creation.

A man is the juice of creation, unified, singular, the provider and protector of the vision of peace and freedom for humanity.

Solid and dependable.

You are the alchemical fire of sexuality, the deep desire for sex rooted in the core of being that fires body, mind, spirit, soul and creation.

Respect the power of this archetypal freedom.