The Healing Power of Sex

Yes sex is about pleasure, about intimacy, but did you know it is also about healing? Many people think sex is just for procreation, but that is just not true. Sex is so much more.

Sex helps to cultivate intimate bonding, enhance the passion, and it allows you to feel more pleasure when you are around your partner. In order to Male-Female-11feel and enjoy all of the benefits sex has to offer, one must go beyond the status quo! One needs to become something more than just another procreating human. You need to connect to your inner self. To your partner. One needs to be in tune with their mental, spiritual and physical self to be able to enjoy the healing power of sex.

Why should anyone take those extra steps? Well, because releasing the full potential of a sex life can lead you to your most sense of relaxation and awareness. You become open to more orgasms, and in the end you become empowered through your sexual interactions!

When you allow the healing power of sex to go full force into your life you receive so many positives. From positive energy, the awakening of a new you, you learn the balance of giving and receiving pleasure, you are able to relax and feel more by increasing your body’s awareness and so much more. By allowing sex to be more than what the average person lets it be you open the door to more healing opportunities! Sex is pleasure, sex is intimacy, sex is healing. Let it extend your lovemaking so that energy flows freely between you and your partner. Let yourself go, feel the connection between you and your partner, let your bodies create greater intensity in arousal and orgasmic pleasure!
Allow your sex life to evolve. Let go of old ideas, and embrace sex. Let it heal you and help you develop a healthier sex life! Because sex is pleasure, sex is intimacy, sex is healing.