The Feminine

The Role of Every Woman is to Birth the God in Every Man.


Sex and the Divine Design is dedicated to providing education and resources to enhance your sexual well-being as a woman. The mystery and wisdom of the feminine is a woman’s body.

BEING a balanced mature sexual woman: who can birth the God in every man is the evolutionary destiny of the Feminine. The blueprint is within our anatomy and physiology — the physical and the subtle.

As a single atom contains all the secrets of matter, the body contains all the secrets and wisdom of the Universe. It is our capacity as a woman to be open, receptive, creative and birth whatever we choose to focus on. We are the Womb of Pure Space and Infinite Potential.

When a woman surrenders and makes friends with, takes care of and falls in love with her feminine form, her body, something powerful happens. Her innate body wisdom simply flows. Nothing else is a wise and as complex as the body.

Body is natural and belongs to nature. It is an integral part of the wisdom of nature. Being in harmony with your body is being in harmony with nature.

Being in harmony with your orgasmic nature as a woman is natural. Feel yourself flowing in the stream of livingness of your life-force energy. Feel, cultivate, strengthen, nurture, express the pleasure of your life-force.

sdgfhdfiloAllow the wisdom of the body.
Surrender and be receptive to its rhythms.

Allow more restfulness and relaxation.
Allow body to follow its own wisdom.

Be relaxed and receptive. Be present to a subtle feeling of joy — being yourself. Feel your aliveness as a woman. You are vibrant and vital when your body is natural. In a state of inner connectedness you will be orgasmic, streaming, flowing.

As a woman, your whole body is an orgasmic wave, an orgasmic ocean. Body, emotions, mind, spirit, soul are different rhythms and wavelengths of the life-force energy. Become deeply acquainted with your body wisdom. Our natural state as a woman is being in a state of pleasurable learning.

WWomenYour body is the Sacred Temple of the Universe. When you are seeded by the Masculine spark, fire, spirit you are the insatiable, relentless, torrential outpouring of Life.

BEING the portal for peace let us imagine Life richly for all beings moving forward into a new world. Peace is the power of being natural.

The fully expressed Feminine is balance, grace and ease — the planetary image makers in harmony with the Divine Design.

FIRST harnessing your sexual energy to move through your body, nourishing self as you dream self continuously into circles of power. Know in the body all expressions of Nature are within.

ADVOCATE and practice your inner peace as you birth the God in every man.