Sex for the Mind, Body, and Spirit: Part III

Exploring the health benefits of sex, we have already seen five benefits that can certainly lead to a healthier overall being. This week, we will explore three more healthy “side effects” of ensuring sex has a focus in our lives.

  • First, sex can assist in your overall fitness. While some focus on the gym, others have learned that just 30 minutes of sex can burn 85 calories. For many, sex is the easy winner when compared to an hour on a treadmill.
  • Next, increased sex can prevent cancer risk. Both men and women see benefits, as men who ejaculate can reduce their overall prostate cancer risk, and women, particularly those who have never given birth, can decrease their risk of break cancer. Sex has the added benefits of tightening the vaginal muscles, as Kegel exercises naturally occur, lowering the risk of incontinence later in life.
  • Lastly, sex is beneficial overall sexual health and virility. Men who ejaculate more can produce more sperm. Larger sperm counts, along with healthier sperm, are correlated with more frequent sex. The more a man can ejaculate, the lower the chance of infertility as he and his partner decide to have children.


GatewaySex is a beautiful act between two individuals. More than just a pleasure inducing event, the long-term health of both men and women increases with the frequency of sexual encounters.