Sex for the Mind, Body, and Spirit: Part II

Last week, we explored the impact a healthy sex life can have on your immune system and stress levels. Far from just an act of pleasure, a healthy sex life can be part of a preventative health routine.


  • Continued benefits include a positive impact on overall heart health. The increase of blood in the body from the act of sex can be compared to walking up a few flights of stairs. As you enjoy the act of making love, your heart rate increases, increasing your overall heart fitness.


  • While increasing your heart rate during the sexual act, sex can also help to relax your body after lovemaking. Sex can serve as a sleep promoting activity, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. After the exhilaration of sex, individuals experience an intense wave of relaxation, leading to a deeper sleep and more energy during the days.


  • Sex can also be a natural analgesic, relieving ache and pains. Sex releases the hormone oxytocin, leading to an increase in endorphins and reduction in pain sensations. These hormones can be more effective that pain relievers, and certainly more enjoyable. Often sex is avoided when one is in pain, but sex may be the answer to solving those problems, as it helps to rejuvenate and regenerate cells and allow your wounds to heal faster.


As if sex hasn’t shown enough healing benefits, next week we will explore three more benefits of a healthy sex life.