Sex for the Mind, Body, and Spirit: Part I

Great sex can lead to absolute pleasure. Still, as we make love in our daily lives, many are not aware of the healing components of a healthy sex life. Sex is often viewed from a dichotomous lens. Either the sexual act is pure bliss, or those not open to their creation and existence as a sexual being view the act in disdain. From both perspectives, the impact of sex on the entire body, from both a physiological and psychological standpoint, is missed; Sex can enhance one’s life and health immeasurably.

By understanding and noticing the health benefits of sex, you can learn to see sex in a new life. Sex can evolve past intimacy and satisfaction, and into an act that brings longevity and health to your life. While there are too many benefits to count, these next 3 weeks, we will explore 8 surprising ways that sex can impact your health.

  • First, a healthy sex life can boost your immune system. Even having sex as little as once or twice a week has been linked to higher levels of immunoglobulin A in the body. This antibody is known to prevent colds and infections.
  • Second, stress levels decrease during sex. Many notice that during sex they find themselves relaxed and calm. This calming effect occurs as sex lowers blood pressure. In addition, sex lowers the stress hormone, cortisol. Think of sex as a reward for a long day at work.

 Next week, we will explore 3 more ways that sex impacts your overall health.