Sex and Communication

What is good sex? Is it who lasts longer? Is it good because you end up having the best orgasm? Is it good because you love the person you are with? Is it good because you don’t know who the person is?

idapingalaThere are so many definitions of Good sex. One of the biggest misconceptions is that there is just one definition. The truth is that there are many definitions of good sex depending on what you are looking for. The key to achieving that great sex is actually communicating what you want. Now, those of you out there are probably cringing at that thought. Especially communicating that with the person that you really love having sex with. Isn’t that ironic, that one of the hardest things to communicate for couples who have sex is what they want in bed.

So what, you might think you are a naughty girl who likes to have her hair pulled or loves to get spanked. Or your partner might not know how to do that in a sexy way. Say, you’re an adventurous guy and you like your woman to put her fingers in places you would not want to tell anyone. We may have been told or think that this is wrong and so bad; we have been influenced to think by organizations, religious groups and through the media that you are a freak or weird or just too sexual or just not OK.

Studies about couples who communicate about sex have been done. They state that if you are communicating about sex and what you like, there is a correlation between that communication and the success of your relationship when there are rough patches.

Authentic communication is not only access to great sex but a key to the success of your relationship. Stop hesitating and start communicating. Great sex is waiting for you.