OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn today’s world, it’s something we do not take enough time for. Especially when it comes to intimacy with our partner.
As humans, we are blessed to enjoy sex in a spiritual, and not merely physical, manner. Sex should be viewed as a meditation of both the mind and body . When your mind is running through the stresses of the day and your body feels like a knotted ball of yarn, how can you relax enough to become a full part of your sexual experience?
• Breathe It’s so natural, we never think about it. Yet, when our emotions are elevated, we forget to breathe in regular intervals. Breathe into the moment. Take the time to breathe in the energy around you. Listen to your partner’s breathing rhythm. As you kiss, does the breathing escalate with desire? When you touch, does the rhythm quicken more or do you hear contented sighs?
• Use your senses Whether this is your first time making love or a celebration of a lifelong commitment, make full use of each of your senses. Touch and feel the smooth or rough texture of their skin. Enjoy the lines and curvature of their body. Pay attention to the sensations and ways your body reacts, as you are caressed by your partner. Smell the unique scent of their essence. Continue this experience by savoring the Taste of their lips and skin. Use your mouth to explore your partner’s body. Listen to the sound of your partner’s voice. Whether you express yourself with words or through pleasurable sounds, meditate to the musical sound of your lover’s voice. See the beauty and pleasure in your lover’s eyes. Pay attention to the physical details you may not have noticed before.
• Lose yourself in the moment No matter how little time you have, pay attention to the moment. Delight in the experience. While an orgasm is enjoyable, this does not need to be the main event. Make it about the sensations and enjoyment that enhances the beauty of your partnership.

Breathe, Explore, Focus, Communicate. In the end, it’s about lying in each other’s arms and experiencing a relaxed ecstasy.