Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality

A Shamanic Approach to Spiritual Sexuality for Singles and Couples

In three SHORT days and an evening, I had the opportunity and experience of learning about sexuality and in particular my sexuality in a loving safe environment. The opportunity to have an adult conversation regarding sexuality created the space to remember how to “play” again. I absolutely recommend it!”
~ Joel, executive

Dispel myths about sexual performance. Let go of past history.
Increase your magnetic attraction.
Be natural and more confident.
Discover how orgasm is for your health and well-being.
Experience the power of clear agreements.




Quodoushka inspires you to shine your light and say YES to your aliveness. Spiritual Sexuality shifts your paradigm around sex, sexuality and sexual energy. It raises your experience to a much more expanded fulfilling level beyond tension release and seeks to integrate all aspects of you as a sacred human being – physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.

What is Chuluaqui Quodoushka?

Chuluaqui refers to the primordial life force energy, from which the infinite diversity and abundance of the universe is created.

This energy exists in everything. In humans, this is our sacred, sexual soul force energy – our life force energy.

Quodoushka is the merging of two energy fields to create a new energy, which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Chuluaqui Quodoushka relates to the creation of new energy through the engagement of our life force energy – the ability to live our lives in alignment with the creative forces of the universe.

Quodoushka programs are spiritual sexual education experiences designed to explore the phenomenal potential of the human body in relationship to sensuality and spiritual sexuality. Spiritual sexuality is how we as humans connect with the the life force energy of everything, how we learn to cultivate our own life force energy and align with the creative energies of the universe.

We are each so much more than just a physical body. Through teachings, exercises, and ceremony, participants have the opportunity to work with the many layers of our human selves. They have the opportunity to improve their acquaintance with Chuluaqui Quodoushka energy, to increase their capacity to use this energy as a catalyst to increase their health, vitality, and resiliency.

All Quodoushka programs create a sanctuary for exploration and learning through knowledge and pleasure.

Q is designed for you to —

• refine your presence
• enhance your self-worth and self-deservement
• enjoy more intimacy and honesty in all your relationships
• experience new resources to empower Self, Life and others
• transform old beliefs to experience your full potential
• unleash your spontaneity and the joy of your aliveness

— as you explore the power of your sexual catalyst energy, in a safe, ceremonial alchemical container honoring Sacred Law.
By bringing the best of who you already are, combined with a readiness to learn, explore, and discover more, you will enrich your experience of human being.
There are currently four levels of Quodoushka programs, with each building on the experience and knowledge of the previous level.