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Sexual Health for Men

The Seven Steps to enhance your sexual well-being:

  1. Relax and Increase Your Body Awareness
  2. Focus on Pleasure in Sex, rather than Sexual Performance
  3. Increase Awareness of your Sexual Arousal
  4. Extend your Sexual Arousal to Higher Levels
  5. Master your Sexual Arousal Consistently at Higher Levels
  6. Slow Down and become proficient at delaying ejaculation naturally
  7. Become Accustomed to a Steady Level of Intense Arousal

• Lasting Longer: how to last longer in bed naturally.

1. Online program for Lasting Longer
You will be guided in detail through Seven Steps. This great program is equivalent to about a yearlong personal program. You will experience great results. Practices are designed to do Solo. After Solo practices, then there is guided partner practices. Delivered immediately to your computer


The eBook The Truth about Premature Ejaculation and 7 Easy Ways to Overcome It and Enjoy a Great Sex Life discusses premature ejaculation — why does it happen and how to transform your experience. Relevant to everyone, not just people looking for information on how to stop premature ejaculation, the ebook is crucial education to improve and understand your performance in bed.

The Audio Files contain the vital exercises designed to be practiced alone and then taking these principles into interactions with a partner. This is the training that will help you master your sexuality. Enjoy Mukee Okan’s voice as she guides you step-by-step through seven audio exercises to complement the ebook program. You will be guided carefully through the Seven Steps to enhance your sexual well-being.

The Video Tutorials are short and designed to complement the program. You will learn more about sexual energy, relaxation techniques, male physiology as it relates to sex and the importance of breathing.

This is your crash course in sex and male sexual literacy, which is the key to learning how to last longer in bed.

In Summary: in this program you will learn —

  • how to last longer in bed
  • how to stop premature ejaculation
  • how to control your anxiety and stop worrying
  • how to increase your sensations
  • how to feel MORE
  • how be in TOTAL control of your body
  • how experience greater levels of arousal
  • how increase the intensity of your orgasm
  • how satisfy your partner more

Get the whole program here now.

2. Lasting Longer Coaching Intensive

One of the most effective long term solutions is the individual coaching offered by Mukee Okan. Typically this takes place over two days. It can be for three days if you prefer. You will have two sessions during the day with a break in between. The options are to come to Phoenix where Mukee is currently based; schedule a program in Australia during; or another location by arrangement. Advance bookings are necessary for this program. You can attend as a single, or you can be coached with your partner.

How to book a coaching intensive:

  1. Complete and return background information. Download here
  2. Email it to
  3. Select the dates from the calendar of availability
  4. Pay your deposit to secure the dates.

How does it work?
Your Lasting Longer coaching intensive is based on Mukee’s sessions with men over many years transforming premature ejaculation through experiential education.

The intensive is based on one-to-one gentle instruction in “sensate focus” a specialized technique of relaxed touching developed by sex researchers Masters and Johnson. Sensate focus enables you to be more fully present in your body — to enjoy every moment of touch with complete relaxation, clear focus and heightened sensory awareness.

Sensate focus is so effective because you learn to enjoy enhanced pleasure not only for your partner but, just as importantly, for yourself. There is no performance pressure which you may have experienced with your partner. There are no demands or expectations — just pure pleasure.

Sensate focus includes a myriad of different sensory experiences, awakening each part of the body with heightened stimulation, with each session building upon the next in terms of depth and closeness. The sensory journey is intended to help you overcome problems that may have dampened your experiences in the past, inhibiting the full expression of your sensuality and sexuality.

Individual Coaching Program
For lasting longer; delayed ejaculation; increasing your knowledge and skils; learning more about how to please your partner — book a one hour Skype session or phone session. Two hour In-person sessions are also available. The more hours you purchase the greater the discount. Book here

3. Intimate Union Private Retreat • available USA, Australia, New Zealand and other locations by arrangement.

3. IntimateUretreatsAn exclusive, sacred, spiritual-sexual one-on-one experiences for singles or for couples. Each retreat is carefully crafted for YOU to support your sexual well-being. All programs are individually designed to empower your relationships. Through the power of relaxation and total receptivity — to your Path, your purpose, your unique contribution to humanity — your sex energy can unfold into new ways of being. Be guided through a sensual journey of Awakening, Discovery, Transformation and Evolution.

You will be able to generate a new level of positive and rejuvenating energy. As you learn and grow this energy naturally overflows into the community to create a loving and sustainable humanity.
More about the program



4. Yearlong Coaching Program

elementalshieldBeginners welcome, monthly session with assignments to complete. Skype session or phone session. In person available also.

This is for the exceptional man who wants to experience a refreshingly different realm of tantric sex and sexual energy expression. There is nothing quite like it. Your mentoring is a unique and individualized ongoing program. Imagine, created especially for you.

“Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.” Napoleon Hill

It is the fuel for everything.

How can you transform sex from the dutiful, familiar, mundane into a potent form of expression as a man? Sex can increase your pleasure, aliveness, vitality and health, prosperity and abundance. Experience your infinite sexual energy more powerfully as a man. Discover how you can seed your vision through balance in all aspects — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual —AND sexual.
More about the program

5. Yogic Resources and Personalized Private Yogic Program

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The science of yoga contains many simple practices to enhance the quality of life and enhance your sexual well-being. A simple awareness practice can take just a few minutes each day. A personal systematic scientific program of practices is an excellent tool to further your development. More about the program



6. Genital Anatomy
gssDiscover the infinite variety of male genital anatomy types. Masculine Power and Women. Feminine Beauty and The Beauty of the Feminine.





7. Advanced Training: How to Talk to the Pussy

Howto copyThis video to view on your computer is sexually and graphically explicit focused on pleasing the woman in your life. Here you will learn to give pleasure like never before. Mukee Okan’s latest educational video that women want you to see – a 42 minute video guide on how to please a woman.

See how sensual erotic touch warms a woman up. Let go of your performance anxiety, giving or receiving and enjoy a relaxed approach. You will learn about your natural sexual polarity and why you fit so well together.

It is graphic and sexually explicit.
Watch it together or alone and put it into practice.
Your woman will love it! Don’t waste another moment.

In the explicit demonstration:

  1. You will see how to turn on your woman with ease.
  2. You will see how doing less creates more arousal.
  3. You will see how you can turn on your woman so she wants more.

It is also possible to do an in-person intensive to enhance your overall sexual experiences.

I am a 53 year old male with controlled type 2 diabetes. I also have Psoriatic Arthritis. Because of this I take a large amount of medication. For the last ten years I have had to use drugs to achieve an erection. First Viagra and now penile injection. I had a wonderful two hour session with this dear lady and she gave me a wonderful gift. Hope! Yes after opening up and telling her about my sex life and how I am never aroused without the use of drugs. She showed me. Boy did she show me! And gave me skills to do it on my own. Now I know it possible and have faith of restoration of natural spontaneity in my sex life. Mukee is a wonderful person who truly loves men and has a desire to restore and enhance men’s ability to perform.
Jim R., Chicago

I recently went through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I knew that even after being married 20 years, and being thrust back into the single life, I still had some things to learn in sex and intimate relationships. Not sure where to turn I researched surrogates on the web and decided the most experienced, knowledgeable, informative and willing to help person out there was Mukee Okan. I worked with Mukee for 2 days and it was the best experience regarding relationships, sex, intimacy, and the opposite sex. I learned more in 2 days than I would have in years of researching. Mukee was terrific and the sessions were life changing. I think every male, and every couple should take Mukee sessions. I even joked it should be a requirement for every young man to learn from Mukee. I gained self-confidence and knowledge and can go on with my new life with a new found sense of excitement and confidence and I am sure I will apply the lessons learned to future relationships … Sincerely. 1 extremely satisfied male from Illinois
I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Mukee and thank her for being such a positive influence in my life. Mukee advertises her sessions as potentially life altering and I believe this to be true. I truly believe the time I spent with Mukee will improve all areas of my life. I do want to emphasize her care and professionalism. There is no pressure and she is very good about finding your expectations and working with you to exceed those expectations. I could tell she really cares about the people she meets and really believes in what she is doing. The session is only the beginning. Mukee made sure to give me information that will enable me to further develop myself.
DG, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for a memorable experience. I look forward to practicing the techniques you taught. You are doing a great service for mankind. Tom, AZ

I have been on your program for about a week now, and I really like it a lot. The one thing which was awesome, was that I notice that my erections are really hard. The last time I did this, I was still rock hard and was able to cum a second time! I was pretty happy about that!. Is this something that I can expect: to be able to maintain an erection, even after already cumming?
Warren, Atlanta