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Women: it begins with Education –

PastedGraphic-2Sexual Health for Women

The Seven Steps to enhance your sexual well-being:

1. Relax and Increase Your Body Awareness
2. Focus on Pleasure in Sex, rather than Sexual Performance
3. Increase Awareness of your Sexual Arousal
4. Extend your Sexual Arousal to Higher Levels
5. Feel your Sexual Arousal Consistently at Higher Levels
6. Slow Down and let your orgasmic waves come and go.
7. Become Accustomed to a Steady Level of Intense Arousal

1. Just For Women:

Guided easy awareness practices and exercises designed to be practiced solo. Designed to open up your capacity for orgasm, feel more and increase your body awareness.

The practices open up your body awareness and connection to your body. Intimate and  explicit.

2. Educational Classes for Women

• The Natural Body Wisdom of the Feminine

A relaxed 2 hour program of experiences and practical women’s teachings to align and empower your natural body cycles and rhythms. Simple practices to increase your access to prana shakti – the life force stored in the first chakra, including guided meditation and deep relaxation. Available also as a live audio recording of practices to do at home.

• Feminine Beauty

A relaxed 2 -3 hour educational program for women. Education is the first step to more fulfilling experiences in sexual intimacy. Transform old stories and create new possibilities to enjoy the greatest intimate pleasure possible in your life.

Do you long for a more satisfying sex life?

Does your libido need a boost?

Are you hungry to learn more?

You will learn —

  • what makes all the difference in a women’s intimate life
  • the full landscape of your sexual anatomy
  • the importance of relaxation for orgasm
  • how orgasm is for your health and well-being with Mukee Okan.

• Orgasm: The Gift

A 1 day program for women. Learn how orgasm is for your health and wellbeing. And increasing your capacity to experience orgasm. The alchemy of the Feminine: an intimate, empowering and educational experience.

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3. IntimateUretreats3. Intimate Union Private Retreat

An exclusive, sacred, spiritual-sexual one-on-one experiences for individuals and couples.

Each retreat is carefully crafted for YOU to support your sexual well-being. All programs are individually designed to empower your relationships. Through the power of relaxation and total receptivity — to your Path, your purpose, your unique contribution to humanity — your sex energy can unfold into new ways of being. Be guided through a sensual journey of Awakening, Discovery, Transformation and Evolution.

You will be able to generate a new level of positive and rejuvenating energy. As you learn and grow this energy naturally overflows into the community to create a loving and sustainable humanity. More about the program.

How to book a private retreat:

  1. 1. You must fill out the background information. Download here
  2. 2. Email your form here
  3. 3. Select the dates from the calendar of availability
  4. 4. Pay your deposit to secure the dates.


4. Yearlong Coaching Program

Beginners welcome, monthly session with assignments to complete. Skype session or phone session. In person available also.

This is for the woman who wants to experience a refreshingly different realm of tantric sex and sexual energy expression. There is nothing quite like it. Your mentoring is a unique and individualized ongoing program. Imagine, created especially for you. Napoleon Hill says “sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.” It is the fuel for everything.

How can you transform sex from the routine into a potent form of expression as a woman? Sex can increase your pleasure, aliveness, vitality and health, prosperity and abundance. Experience your infinite sexual energy more powerfully as a woman. Discover how you can birth your vision through balance in all aspects — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual — AND sexual.

More about the program

• Individual Coaching Program • short term

Book a one hour Skype session or phone session. Two hour In-person sessions are also available. Please fill out the background information. Download here

2011whiteshield copy5. Yogic Resources and Personalized Yogic Program

The science of yoga contains many simple practices to enhance the quality of life and enhance your sexual well-being. A simple awareness practice can take just a few minutes each day. A personal systematic scientific program of practices is an excellent tool to further your development. More about the program.



anatomy 6. Genital Anatomy

Discover the infinite variety of the female genital anatomy types — Feminine Beauty and The Beauty of the Feminine.

Learn about the different types of men here. Masculine Power, A Tribute



Howto copy7. Advanced Training: How to Talk to the Pussy

This video to view on your computer (and Ipad/ Iphone) is sexually and graphically explicit focused on genital caress. See how doing less creates more arousal. Mukee Okan’s latest educational video is a 42 minute guide. See how sensual erotic touch warms you up. Let go of your performance anxiety, giving or receiving and enjoy a relaxed approach. You will learn about your natural sexual polarity. It is graphic and sexually explicit. Watch it with your partner or alone and put it into practice. You will love it! Don’t waste another moment.