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Our Founder:  Mukee Okan mukeetop

Your Orgasm’s Best Friend

Mukee is the author, source and director of awareness and education in Sexual Well-Being as the natural expression of the Divine design and the embodiment of Oneness. She provides an opportunity for transforming awareness and bringing balance and peace through education.

Mukee is an international sexual educator and mentor. She loves to share what works. Her approach is practical, effective, educational and experiential.

My promise to the world is by 2030 all people are free to experience and express the pleasure and power of being alive.

Her extensive experiences include —

  •  Initiation in 1984 into a traditional Tantric lineage, training and living a yogic lifestyle in New Zealand.
  •  Certified Surrogate Partner with IPSA since 1995 (International Professional Surrogates Association based in California, USA) www.surrogatetherapy.org
  •  Certified Rites of Passage facilitator for all ages • Certified Rites of Passage Specialist since 2008, rites of passage for all ages, honoring all stages of life, from before conception to after death.
  •  Chuluaqui Quodoushka international facilitator, Spiritual Sexuality from the Shamanic Traditions www.quodoushka.org
  •  Individual coaching and mentoring for sexual well-being with thousands of people.
  •  Mukee is a grandmother, an artist and an international traveller.

WHY Sex and the Divine Design? To contribute to a future where humanity is balanced in a fundamental way, being at peace with the Power of Sex. Suffering is transformed and all people are free to experience and express the pleasure and power of being alive.



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Aubrey Beard


Aubrey here! I met Mukee in 2011 and knew immediately that I’d be working with her in some capacity. Fast forward to 2014 and I have the privilege to be her assistant and serve as HR/Operations coordinator for Spirit Fire Productions! I celebrated my 30th birthday this February and am awed by the grace and Divine Design that has led me, from an intellectual pursuit of engineering to a path of service providing massage therapy and bodywork to the joy of being a part of the Production of Peace on Earth.
Regardless of what form my path has taken, I have always committed myself to inspiring myself and those around me to seeking our edge and reaching the next level.
I look forward to my journey with Mukee, to blossoming into my own sexuality and sharing with all of you who choose to embark on your own journey of enhancing your sexual well-being as a result of Mukee’s vision.