Kundalini Tantra

An exploration of the Divine Design to experience the nucleus of  Being

Chakrashield Tantra has been described as “the transformation of consciousness through its exposure to every level of experience.”

Tantra is the study of the patterns of creation and existence. The emphasis is on systematic and precise practices rather than philosophy.

All practices are designed to awaken the inherent Shakti, kundalini, the feminine principle. When this force flows upwards and merges with the masculine principle, Shiva, the most intense internal explosion takes place..

Discover simple powerful tantric techniques to deepen your inner experience of union. Experience how to intensify the quantity and quality of prana, your life-force energy. Learn the anatomy and physiology of kundalini —  ida, pingala, sushumna, the chakras and more.

2011whiteshield copyEnlightenment is described in the science of Tantra as full functioning of the dormant areas of the brain. This includes an ecstatic response and flowering of orgasm, an expansion of orgasm into endless full bloom in every atom of the body. Ecstasy is unbounded in magnitude and duration by purifying, strengthening and balancing the nervous system.

Through the science of Tantra and systematic scientific practices one can focus sexual energy in particular ways to create more pathways into the dormant areas of the brain.

There is a vast latent energy inherent in our sexual biology, which can be systematically awakened through different techniques from a variety of historical traditions such as systematic yogic practices. These practices stimulate ecstatic sexual energy upward to permeate the nervous system permanently. It is the destiny built into our human anatomy and physiology.

The Chakras

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word, “chakra,” is wheel or circle. “Vortex” or “whirlpool” is a more accurate description within the context of the science of yoga. Read more . . .

Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation

Imagine laying down for 30 minutes, listening to this guided relaxation and experiencing the benefits of 3 hours of sleep! Experience the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra for yourself. It is a simple, powerful, scientific and systematic relaxation technique from the ancient Tantric traditions. Read more . . .

Personal Sessions

Experiential sessions including —

  • anatomy and physiology of kundalini
  • ida, pingala, sushumna nadis
  • the chakras
  • strengthen the autonomic nervous system
  • balance the nervous system
  • deep scienttifc relaxation
  • develop your internal awareness
  • spinal column awareness

Practices include asanas, mudras, bandhas, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and more.

You will be guided in an individualized program to suit your lifestyle and focus of intent. You can expect to open into a universe of the Divine Design within your being. Your quality of life will transform and deepen beyond the status quo.

You will tap into the inherent force of the Divine and the source of creation within.

Mukee’s personal daily practices include the tantric practice of Kriya Yoga since 1984. As a Tantra artist her art reflects her inner experience of Tantra.

You can also commission Mukee for an extraordinary work of art for you.