Hungry to Learn

Hungry to Learn

Shivacanyon copyWe live in a world that offers us many things. Things we can learn from. But there is one thing that people tend to not talk about, something they consider taboo; sex.     There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about sex. To have a hunger to learn new positions, new tricks, new things that will please you and your partner, things that can spice up your sex life.

Certain stereotypes out there say that once you hit a certain age your sexual life deteriorates. That does not have to be the case at all. It is perfectly normal to want to try new things in the bedroom, no matter what age you are.

Having the hunger to learn new things is one of the keys to a successful relationship. Wanting to learn new things can lead to a happier, healthier sex life. If you have the drive, the want, and a consenting partner then why not try something new?

Feed your hunger. Let your curiosities run wild, you have nothing to lose! Be naughty, or be nice. Be eccentric or try something more conservative. Sex doesn’t have to be boring. Say goodbye to the typical missionary position and “doggy” style! Try something out of your comfort zone; maybe use toys? Or even try talking “dirty”, why not?

It is never too late to learn something new, and be adventurous. Have fun with it, be spontaneous, and surprise your partner with some new suggestions! Sex is about enjoying yourself and your partner, so go out there and do your thing!