Enhancing Sexuality For Women

LiongaitBEING a balanced mature sexual woman: who can birth the God in every man is the evolutionary destiny of the Feminine. The blueprint is within your anatomy and physiology. It is your capacity as a woman to be open, receptive and birth whatever you choose to focus on.

Women are the Womb of Pure Space and Infinite Potential. When a woman is seeded by the Masculine spark, fire, spirit she is the insatiable, relentless, torrential outpouring of Life.

Being the portal for peace as women imagine Life richly for all beings to move forward, birthing a new world. Peace is the power of being natural. The fully expressed Feminine is balance, grace and ease — the planetary imagemakers in harmony with the Divine Design.

AWAKEN and harness your sexual energy to move through your body and nourish yourself as you dream Self continuously into feminine circles of power.

DISCOVER through experience all the divine manifestations and expressions of nature within your body.

TRANSFORM your being as you connect to your benevolent womb power, advocating and practicing your own peace from within.

EVOLVE and express fully your Goddess nature as you birth the God in every man. This is the evolutionary destiny of the Feminine.

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• Orgasm and Sex for Transformation and Evolution
Sex is often viewed only as a source of recreation and procreation. Usual goals may be to reach orgasm rather than to pleasure our lover or to connect with them fully. There is a whole realm of sex for enlightenment — either individually or with a partner.

Enlightenment is described in the science of Tantra as full functioning of the dormant areas of the brain. Through the science of Tantra one can focus sexual energy in particular ways to create more pathways into the dormant areas of the brain.

UnfkgktAwareness is directed through different structures of the body. There is a vast latent energy inherent in our sexual biology, which can be systematically awakened through different techniques from a variety of historical traditions such as systematic yogic practices. These practices stimulate ecstatic sexual energy upward to permeate the nervous system permanently. It is the destiny built into our human anatomy and physiology.

• Cultivating Awareness and Presence
What if the power of your sexual energy was fully available to you? Sexual arousal opens all the channels of the body. When we are turned on that arousal is like an internal fire that ignites us, whether it is in writing, business, art, technical development, relationships — wherever our passion leads us to contribute.

What if you reframe sex as a healing nurturing act?

Ask yourself —
What is my empowering context for sexuality?
Where do I experience a loss of power?
How well informed am I?
How comfortable am I with the topic?
How intimately do I know my own body?
Am I fulfilled and joyful in the sexual arena?
How can I free up my sexual energy?
What kind of imagemaker am I for others — including my children, grandchildren, my partner(s)?
What resources are available and of interest to me now?
What am I curious in exploring?
Where do I need to slow down and relax more?
How can I increase my body awareness? (through physical mastery eg sport, dance, lovemaking)
What if I give everything more time in an intimate experience with myself or with a partner?
What would it look like if I focus on pleasure rather than performance?
How can I increase awareness of my sexual arousal?

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