Enhancing Performance for Men

“Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.”

- Napoleon Hill

4Men copyAWAKEN and harness your sexual energy to move through your body far beyond tension release and friction in order to feel.

DISCOVER how to fuel your genius with your sexual energy through experiencing all the elemental orgasmic expressions available to you.

TRANSFORM your doing into being as you create acts of power through your benevolent healing presence, advocating and practicing your own peace from within.

EVOLVE and express fully your God nature as you embody the power of Oneness and commitment to empower the Feminine. This is the evolutionary destiny of the Masculine.



• What programs are available for you?

When you start to apply different ways of enhancing your sex experience every aspect of your life benefits. The key here is “apply”, — action! You know full well that the best made plans do not produce results without action. You just need look at your working world, your business world and your personal life to see the results of your actions.

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You have a great opportunity to raise your awareness of sex and make some dramatic changes that perhaps you did not imagine were possible. The key is your committed action.

• Sex Energy: What is It?

explosionIt is the life force energy that flows through everything in existence, giving life. In life there is one force, the force of continuous creation. Sex energy in a human being is an even greater energy than electricity or atomic energy. You may feel sex energy in the body as warmth, tingling, prickling, pulsating, humming, buzzing, flowing, rushing, radiating.

Allow yourself to feel aroused, to feel the life-giving force of sex energy, every day. When you feel aroused your body produces more sexual hormones. In many traditions these hormones are considered to be the fountain of youth.

You can learn to circulate your sexual energy through your body to feel this rejuvenating power at any time. This increases your overall energy and health. You are conceived through orgasm. Orgasmic energy permeates every cell of your body. You can feel this orgasmic energy every day if you choose. Feeling your sex energy need not be limited to a few minutes of sexual intercourse. You can feel it any time.

• Cultivating Awareness and Presence

Dragon1Sexual arousal opens all the channels of the body. When you are turned on that arousal is like an internal fire that ignites you, whether it is in writing, business, art, technical development, relationships — wherever your passion leads you to contribute.

As you develop your awareness of your sex energy, you can become energetic and calm with an aroused sense of well-being. It does not lead to uncontrollable urges and desperate actions for tension release. It can lead to a more focused and deeper presence as a man in your world, giving your deepest gift completely as you fully embrace the power of your sexual energy.

As the benevolent mature sexual man you are the vital ingredient
the world needs now. Be the simplicity of power and presence.

The fully expressed Masculine is mature, confident and wise — in harmony with the Divine Design, seeding Peace.

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