Divine Design Art • The Masculine

These original creations of the natural divine design by Mukee Okan express the spirit of the Masculine.

•Spirit Shield
These shields express different aspects of the Masculine. Each one was originally painted as a ceremonial shield.

These images are available to you in a variety of formats. Mukee loves to create spirit shields for you. A spirit shield represents an image or symbols of your current focus in life.

What are you aspiring to — in your world, your relationships, your business? What are you birthing in your world? What are you inspired and passionate about? What are your dreams?

• Photos and Photographic Montages
Mukee’s photo montages include powerful, archetypal images of the masculine.
Utilizing current digital art technology these images can be output as giclee prints on canvas, fine art paper, polyester banners and posters.

“My focus as a transformational artist is creating images and symbols of the power of the Divine Design — as an expression of Nature’s sexual realm for the purpose of enhancing sexual wellbeing and freedom.”

All the artwork on this site is by Mukee Okan.
“I would love to create an original work for you.”