Divine Design Art

Awakening archetypes within the root matrix of creation

ArtonwallsMukee Okan’s art reflects her inner experience of Tantra — the study of the patterns of creaton to experience the nucleus of your being. Tantra has been described as the transformation of consciousness through its exposure to every level of experience. The foundation is systematic practices rather than philosophy. All practices are designed to awaken the inherent shakti, kundalini, the Feminine principle. When this force merges with the Masculine principle, shiva, an internal explosion and transformation takes place. Gallery of available images here.



dtzjdgDivine Design Art is based on yantras and mandalas and images of the Divine Design to increase creative and intuitive intelligence. Yantra and mandala are gateways into the unconscious mind and awaken archetypes within the root matrix of creation. Here you have direct accessing to the eternal Divine and flowering of spiritual experience.




sunMandala is energy in its original form, its original vibration.

A mandala is a circle, a disc, such as the Sun and the Moon. It is a vortex of energy and continuous flow — a sacred symbol of eternity. It refers to the center of light out of which all patterns and forms are birthed, and to which all will return. The essence of the mandala resides in the point of origin in the center and the rest of the mandala emanates from it.





The mandala is a representation of every form beginning from a central axis. This axis is the place where energy is concentrated. The Tibetans, masters of the art, say that mandalas act as liberators of sight. They are a means of meditation directly related to the eyes. This type of practice is a form of raja yoga called trataka.



Yantra is the pattern of the expression of the energy. A yantra is a geometrical design, a potent and dynamic symbol. The focal point is always the bindu, the nucleus point. It is a power diagram revealing the inner structure of all shapes and forms abundant in the Universe. Just as all matter is based on the atom, so each aspect of the Universe can be seen as a yantra. Our center of gravity is at the navel, and axis of symmetry is the spinal column. The body is a yantra where the infinite cosmic power resides.

SriYantraexplodes5The molecules and atoms that compose matter are yantras being perfectly designed storehouses of nuclear energy. Within each atom there is endless energy. The point where the energy is contained in atomic or molecular form, is known as yantra.
Geometrical forms are the visible representations of the invisible waves constantly traversing our physical space.
Each sound and form we are able to perceive has its archetypal form projected into the brain. Reality is written into our grey matter differently from the ways we perceive this reality externally through our senses.


MukeeSriYantraSri Yantra: the Abode of Shakti

The greatest of all yantras shows the creation and shape of the Universe and evolution of the cosmic scheme. It depicts the totality of energy abounding in the Universe in all its forms. Shakti is the pure, vibrant energy at the core of everything in creation. Shakti is inherent in all existence. Sri Yantra is a beneficial symbol to have in your space — at home and in the work space.




SpiritShieldsDivine Design Art created by Mukee Okan is available in many formats. As well as yantras and mandalas, Mukee creates photo montages from the essence of the world of nature — the Goddess Beauty, including natural power sites around the world merged with archetypal images of the masculine and feminine.


Spirit Shields: A spirit shield can express and represent an image or symbols of your current focus in life. It is originally painted on canvas or leather. It can be reproduced in a variety of formats. You can order any of the existing spirit shields here.

UfjukfzjYour Unique Spirit Shield: Mukee loves to create a unique spirit shield for you. What are you aspiring to — in your world, your relationships, your business? What is the vision you are birthing? What are you inspired and passionate about? What is your unique contribution? Contact Mukee to order.

As well as original works, images are also available as prints on canvas, fine art paper and also polyester or vinyl banners. This includes all images on this website.

“My focus as a transformational artist is creating images and symbols of power and beauty expressing the Divine Design. My passion is creating images reflecting the Feminine and Masculine principles. I am totally in love with Sri Yantra.”
Mukee Okan