• Divine Journeys

    Exploring the Unknown.  

    Dream Shield Ceremonial Medicine Journey

    to the Land of the Eternal Light, Aotearoa, • New Zealand

    November 10 – 27, 2014 was a wonderful adventure.

    We are planning our next New Zealand Journey for February 2016.

    Contact if you would like information as soon as it is available



    The Dream Shield Journey took place in 2014.…

  • Divine Resources

    All the creation myths begin with the One — the original state of union.

    Then there was the experience of the duality, feminine and masculine. There is a hunger in every human being, even in our anatomy and physiology, to re-experience the Oneness from where we all evolved.…

  • Divine Design Art

    Awakening archetypes within the root matrix of creation

    Mukee Okan’s art reflects her inner experience of Tantra — the study of the patterns of creaton to experience the nucleus of your being. Tantra has been described as the transformation of consciousness through its exposure to every level of experience.…

  • Divine Design Art • The Masculine

    These original creations of the natural divine design by Mukee Okan express the spirit of the Masculine.

    •Spirit Shield
    These shields express different aspects of the Masculine. Each one was originally painted as a ceremonial shield.

    These images are available to you in a variety of formats.…