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  • Sex and Communication

    Sex and Communication

    What is good sex? Is it who lasts longer? Is it good because you end up having the best orgasm? Is it good because you love the person you are with? Is it good because you don’t know who the person is?…

  • Relax


    In today’s world, it’s something we do not take enough time for. Especially when it comes to intimacy with our partner.
    As humans, we are blessed to enjoy sex in a spiritual, and not merely physical, manner. Sex should be viewed as a meditation of both the mind and body .…

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Enhancing the Sexual Well-being of Humanity

    The vision and mission is to facilitate profound sexual well-being experiences and services producing outstanding educational programs, high quality multi-media resources and providing a global network of sexual healing centers dedicated to transforming lives through enhancing sexual well-being.…

  • Divine Journeys

    Divine Journeys

    Exploring the Unknown.  

    Dream Shield Ceremonial Medicine Journey

    to the Land of the Eternal Light, Aotearoa, • New Zealand

    November 10 – 27, 2014 was a wonderful adventure.

    We are planning our next New Zealand Journey for February 2016.

    Contact if you would like information as soon as it is available



    The Dream Shield Journey took place in 2014.…

  • Programs for Women

    Programs for Women

    Women: it begins with Education –

    Sexual Health for Women

    The Seven Steps to enhance your sexual well-being:

    1. Relax and Increase Your Body Awareness
    2. Focus on Pleasure in Sex, rather than Sexual Performance
    3. Increase Awareness of your Sexual Arousal