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  • The Healing Power of Sex

    The Healing Power of Sex

    Yes sex is about pleasure, about intimacy, but did you know it is also about healing? Many people think sex is just for procreation, but that is just not true. Sex is so much more.

    Sex helps to cultivate intimate bonding, enhance the passion, and it allows you to feel more pleasure when you are around your partner.…

  • Transforming Old Beliefs

    Transforming Old Beliefs

    It’s December 2015, only a few weeks before the start of a new year. Yet there is one thing that seems to rarely change from year to year. You might set goals for yourself to try new things, or you might start a new job, but one thing seems to stay constant; our beliefs.…

  • Revitalizing Your Relationship

    Revitalizing Your Relationship

    Revitalizing your relationship is a key component into having a happy fulfilling life with your partner. It is vital that both parties are satisfied and are both feeling like their needs, emotions, and wants are being fulfilled. It is always a nice idea to do things that spice up your relationship and add a new special touch to your relationship.…

  • Enhancing Your Sexual Well-Being as a Woman

    Enhancing Your Sexual Well-Being as a Woman

    A woman’s sex life is something that does not get discussed very often. People usually don’t talk about it in public or even in private. It’s somewhat of a secret talk you only have with your doctor (if that), and maybe your partner.…

  • Hungry to Learn

    Hungry to Learn

    Hungry to Learn

    We live in a world that offers us many things. Things we can learn from. But there is one thing that people tend to not talk about, something they consider taboo; sex.     There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about sex.…