Anatomy 101 For Women

We Are Simply Being the Feminine

UnbsdvxbanntWe have chosen new freedom
In every instant.

We are the infinite heartwomb
The wombheart space of surrender
to the Naked Pleasure
of eternal grace alive with Goddess Power.
Open magnetic fertile irresistible
Death bringers, Fed replenished
inspired by the ebb and flow
the Sacred, the waters of life

and in 3 words . . . .
Pussy Power Ecstatics

The more you know about your intimate anatomy as a life long exploration the more you embody the Goddess infinite receptive space of the Feminine.

As the Goddess you have the potential and power to birth anything. The Goddess encompasses everything as the original potent birthing space of Creation.

Many spiritual traditions represent the genital anatomy and the root chakra, the foundation as the essence of the feminine and masculine principles of Creation.

Imagine healing the foundation of humanity, the root chakra, by healing yourself as a woman. When you heal any shame and guilt and appreciate deeply your sexual anatomy you are healing humanity.

Be the cause of peace on earth by being at peace with the power of your sex energy and the Divine Design.

Infinite Feminine Variety
There is such a variety of forms of the genital anatomy.
Some of the basic differences that can be seen and felt are —

  • the size and shape of the outer and inner lips
  • the distance from the tip of the clitoris to the vaginal opening
  • the shape of the hood covering the tip of the clitoris
  • the overall size, shape and external length of the entire vulva
  • the internal depth and width of the vagina
  • the location of the G-spot
  • the natural moisture and taste of the vaginal fluids




Every woman is unique. Some women have voluptuous fleshy lips.
Some have barely any lips at all. Some women have a large distance between the vaginal opening and the tip of the clitoris. Some women have barely any hood over the clitoris. Some women have the G-spot very close to the entrance, others are midway or far back. Some women are naturally always very wet, and others become drier the more turned on they are.

These attributes have nothing to do with menopause.
You can see your genital anatomy flower after you go through puberty.


An Exploration
16VTake a look at yourself with a mirror. Be curious.
Have a good look. Do your lips open like butterfly wings? What is the distance between your opening and clitoris? Is there much hooding over the clitoris? What else do you notice? Do you know where your G-spot is?

Explore with your partner. Look together. Allow your partner to see. Take close up photos — when you are ‘at rest”, and aroused, before and after orgasm. Draw images. Create art.

You can see some beautiful images in the books available here. Feminine Beauty and The Beauty of the Feminine.

More resources will be added to guide you on your journey of discovery.




Mukee at the Alwun House Exotic Art Show opening, Phoenix, Arizona • February 2014

Mukee’s Art