Anatomy 101 For Men

Sunrise1 copyThe Masculine, Engineering the Everything,
potent powerful form of the formless,
sparking the genetic code with penetrating focus
– exploding into millions or so seeds of Life and light

through sexual awakening fertilizing
the Divine Design

Man — generative power like the Sun
causing all beings

transcendental, virility, indispensable gift providing
embodiment through the Cosmic Womb,
the generator of all that exists.

The question is . . .What are you seeding
for humanity?


Be the cause of peace on earth by being at peace with the Power of Sex Energy and the Divine Design.

Your genital anatomy and the root chakra is the essence of the principle of creation. The Masculine essence is designed to spark the potent space of the Feminine, the universal energy. The God then manifests in the world.

Do you know how your body and especially your genital anatomy works? You may have extensive knowledge about the external world and environment, and perhaps the external body. What about what happens on the inside of your body?


Infinite Masculine Variety
There is such a variety of forms of the genital anatomy.
Some of the basic differences that can be seen and felt are —
• the length and thickness at full erection
• the size and position of your testicles
• the quality and quantity of ejaculate
• the taste of the sexual fluids

Every man is unique. Some men are long and thin. Some men are short and thin. Some men are thick and short. Some men are thick and long. Some men curve up, down, left or right. Some men have testicles that are always compact and close to the body. Some men hang low. Some men have thick creamy ejaculate and some have thin, watery and lots of it.

These attributes are your unique structure.
The more you know about your genital anatomy, the more connection you will have. The more you will be educate your partner(s).

davidAn Exploration
Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Be curious.

Have a good look. Be the voyeur. What do you notice? Notice how you look and feel when you are soft. When you start to get an erection notice how your penis goes through various stages. Notice how your testicles are before arousal and after, before ejaculation. And after. Notice the aliveness of your penis, your cock. Feel the aliveness. Touch everywhere as you explore.

Explore with your partner. Look together. Allow your partner to see.
Take close up photos — when you are “at rest”, and aroused, and full erection. And before and after orgasm. Draw images. Create art.

You can see a full range of Men’s anatomy images in this book available here. Masculine Power, A Tribute. Allow yourself to be deeply inspired as you view the Masculine essence. Discover the infinite variety of genital anatomy types.of Women also. Feminine Beauty and The Beauty of the Feminine.

More resources will be added to guide you on your journey of discovery.