An Evening With Mukee Okan: Screening Feminine Beauty: An Education Documentary

Feminine Beauty

 “You have never heard women speak in the way that they do with me about their most intimate anatomy. It has been such a privilege and honor to film each woman.” – Mukee Okan


You are invited to experience a screening and conversation like no other. Feminine Beauty aka The Pussy Talks is a Peace on Earth Production. During this event, we will discuss real education as real women share their eloquent insights into the essence of being a woman. This is an educational documentary and presentation that will change your world forever.


What makes each woman’s intimate sexual anatomy unique? With explicit videos of each woman sharing their intimate anatomy and full color photographs, you will learn about the 5 basic types of women’s sexual anatomy.


You will learn about the differences between the structure of the lips, the distance between the clitoris and opening to her cave, the hooding, location of the G-spot and more. Please note: there are NO exercises during this educational presentation.
Space is limited to the first 20 attendees. Tickets are $25 online or $30 at the door (if available).


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