Projects and Objectives


Enhancing Your Sexual Well-being

The Vision and Mission is to facilitate profound sexual well-being experiences for men, women, singles and couples in the USA and internationally, producing outstanding educational programs, high quality, multi-media resources and providing a global network of sexual healing centers dedicated to transforming lives through enhanced sexual well-being.


• The world’s premiere Sexual Healing Center with curriculum, service center and broadcast center is fully operational in 2016.

• The Broadcast Center is operational, generating content to be used in marketing, education and entertainment for global market by December 2014.

• We offer comprehensive individual, couple and group classes and educational media generating income, staff training and content.

• Immediately begin assembling the production, education and administration teams; and begin recruiting for the services and location bound team members.


• Promoting the production of peace on earth and enhanced sexual well-being by transforming the discourse on sex.

• Utilizing online technology and a multi-media approach to reach and educate those who are seeking to grow beyond their current experience.

• Provide outstanding professional opportunities, career-enhancing experiences and education in this field.

• Dedicated to providing conscious, responsible content about WHAT WORKS.

• Operate at standards that exceed legal and ethical requirements.

• Engage in opportunities to transform the status quo perspective that “something is wrong with sex.”


• Promotion and networking for “Sex and the Divine Design with Mukee Okan,” a web-based radio program on Voice America.

• Ongoing Sponsor/sponsors for radio show production.

• Complete proposed funding plan to outline funding needs by July 2014

• Complete a 10 minute member/investor-invitation video by July 2014

• Keep getting the word out and attracting people to participate and contribute.

• Seek funding for the world’s first functioning center.